Man the Barricade Wrap
An overnight wrap success

Why we worked through the night to deliver a barricade wrap in one of Memphis' most popular malls.

We got the call earlier this week that Champs Sports was in need of some ferocious graphix for a barricade wrap on their new storefront inside of Oak Court Mall. “Okay, no problem,” we said. But there was a catch—Champs needed the barricade wrapped in the middle of the night while the mall was empty of shoppers.

With that news in hand, we headed down to Depot Square to purchase some midnight oil that we could quickly set to burning. By the time the morning light was peaking through the rafters of the mall, Champs was all set up. Now, they have an attractive, branded barricade to let shoppers know what’s on the way and give them a reason to swing back by on their next visit.

Thanks Champs Sports for helping us give you Ferocious Graphix!